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Since 1997, DevadaTM has been empowering developers to learn, share, grow, and succeed via the technology-specific online communities we enable. DZone is one of the world’s largest communities of user-contributed technical learning resources. AnswerHub software powers developer communities for some of the biggest technology and tech-enabled companies in the world.

Containing over 100,000 user-generated technical articles and visited by more than 30 million developers per year, DZone is the premier global resource for developers to learn and share best practices and for marketers to reach that audience.

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The AnswerHub platform is purpose-built to capture, curate, and distribute your software and technical team’s expertise, insights, and knowledge, eliminating unnecessary noise, and enabling your teams to focus on business outcomes that matter, quickly and accurately.

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Why Devada?

Our mission is to build the communities where developers and tech professionals learn, share and collaborate, so that, together we connect the world’s digital innovators.

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