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Since 2005, Devada has been empowering developers to learn, share, grow, and succeed via the technology-specific web communities we enable. DZone.com is one of the world’s largest communities of user-contributed technical learning resources, and AnswerHub software powers developer relations communities for some of the biggest technology and tech-enabled companies in the world.

Containing over 100,000 user-generated technical articles and visited by more than 29 million developers per year, DZone.com is the premier global resource for developers to learn and share best practices and for marketers to reach that audience.

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Developers increasingly expect technology and tech-enabled companies to provide vibrant communities where they can interact, learn, and problem solve. AnswerHub delivers a rich experience that drives community engagement while reducing costs.

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"No other company has the experience of combining expert-content and deep capabilities through a common technology platform to drive value for visitors, contributors, advertisers, and tech companies alike.”

Why Devada?

Our mission is to harness the incredible power of our people and products to bring developer practitioners, advocates, and novices together as a community.

Recognizing that developers sit at the hub of innovation, we offer solutions that drive knowledge sharing, foster communities for collaboration, and facilitate learning and growth.

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