7 Killer Productivity Tools To Take Back Your Week

How can a community manager improve productivity?

Think about your typical week—it’s Monday morning and you’re excited to wrap up a project or two and start some new ones but before you know it, it’s Thursday at 6:00 p.m. and you have no idea where your time went. Maybe you were pulled into meetings that were unnecessary, busy tracking down information from the right person or completing repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

Here is how to get your week back with our productivity tools roundup:


How much of your time is spent transferring data from one tool to another? Most likely too much time. Zapier lets your apps talk to each other through triggers called “Zaps.”

For instance, if you have a new form entry from Formstack, Zapier can trigger a Zap to create a new lead in Salesforce. With over 200 web apps in their library, you don’t need to wait for your development team to build integrations–which is both costly and time-consuming.


Zapier has a limited free option (allowing just 5 Zaps with 100 tasks a month) and offers tiered plans starting at $20/month.


Searching your inbox, pinging multiple team members, trying to complete projects and track down important information from former employees – these activities don’t lead to a productive week, but this isn’t uncommon for many people. AnswerHub by DZone Software captures knowledge within your organization into a central location and provides a place to collaborate with team members.

This SaaS will take conversations out of your inbox, add transparency on projects, and capture the knowledge that your awesome team has in their heads. AnswerHub integrates with Jira and Slack to save you time and help you stay organized.

AnswerHub has tiered pricing plans based on the number of users you have. Contact the sales team for more information.


While we’re talking about ways to get more time back into your week, do you even know how you’re spending your time? Asana helps you track projects, tasks, and time with user-friendly dashboards and calendars. Creating a project with this tool will keep your team organized and on track to meet project deadlines.

Asana offers dashboards to see project progress at just a glance and organize communications and files for a project in one space. So go ahead, scratch that weekly project status meeting off your calendar.

Source: Asana Guide

Asana offers a free option for teams of less than 15 people and a premium option that starts at $84 a month for larger teams and more features.


Stop scouring the Internet for who’s talking about your company and competitors – let Mention handle that for you. Mention has ears on all channels–blogs, sites, social media, etc.–and listen to billions of online sources in real time.

But Mention actually goes a step further by allowing you to take action once your name is picked up. Share between your team members and respond to social posts all from the app, while never missing a conversation that you’re a part of.

Source: G2 Crowd

Mention starts at $29/month for monitoring three keywords, 3,000 mentions, and three users a month.


With so many projects and responsibilities, it’s hard to stay organized on projects, and tasks can often fall through the cracks. Wunderlist is a web application that creates to-do lists to help you check items off your list. This app lends a helping hand with organization through folders and tags and allows you to easily collaborate with your team.

Wunderlist makes sure you don’t miss deadlines with reminders of due dates and secure, real-time syncing capabilities from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Source: Get Play Apps

Wunderlist is a free tool but has both Pro and Business plans starting at $4.99/mo.


Where did you see that awesome blog post, again? If you didn’t bookmark it, it’s going to take a lot of time to find again (or sadly you might never find it). Pocket steps in with a way to save articles, videos, and more for later, allowing you to check them out whenever you’d like.

As a save-for-later tool, Pocket will save content for you in one place when you don’t have time to read an article or want to save a link to reference later. An added bonus of Pocket is that you don’t even need an Internet connection to read your saved content, allowing you to catch up whenever and wherever you have time.

Source: Pocket Blog

Pocket is free but can be upgraded to a premium plan with added features like tagging options, better search, and a permanent library.


There may be nothing worse than a clogged inbox. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but an inbox full of thousands of emails you’re never going to read is making it hard for you to find the important stuff. Don’t miss an email from your boss or get distracted from newsletters and promotional emails you never read–let SaneBox clean up your inbox.

SaneBox is an email solution that learns your inbox habits and cleans up emails by moving unimportant emails to a folder called SaneLater. You’ll no longer spend time deleting and sifting through lots of emails–this tool will keep you organized without lifting a finger.

Source: Heinz Tschabitscher, About.com

SaneBox is free but offers a business plan with admin controls, security, and more.