About Devada

Devada is committed to empowering developers. Our mission is to harness the incredible power of technology to bring developer practitioners, advocates, and aspiring novices together as a community. Recognizing that developers sit at the hub of innovation in many different kinds of companies, we offer solutions that drive knowledge sharing, foster collaborative communities, and facilitate learning and growth.

Devada’s roots are in Javalobby, an independent online community where Java developers could share knowledge and expertise. Before the era of blogs and forums, Javalobby’s unique online community sparked a change in technology development by including developers in the conversation. Javalobby incorporated as DZone, Inc. in 2005, and its keen focus on quality user-generated content helped make today’s DZone.com an essential resource for developers around the globe.

Today, millions of developers visit DZone.com each month to gain and share insights and best practices on technologies. And AnswerHub, Devada’s cloud-based software solution, allows companies of all sizes to positively engage developers via the vibrant communities we enable. Founded by developers for developers, Devada is headquartered in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park.