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Developers, engineers, and architects have increasing influence on technology decisions in companies of all sizes across all sectors. They’re the technology users, gatekeepers, wedge drivers, purchasers, and implementers. A developer community solidifies and enriches your relationship with them.

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Influencing the influencer is a great benefit.
And, there's impressive ROI, too.


Reduction in support cases

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Increase in community participation

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Ideas generated

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Do You Need to:

Increase developer productivity and scale support without adding headcount.


Centralize onboarding, training, and support of external developers.

Developer Support

Design a self-service support community that encourages collaboration, provides a searchable knowledge base, and increases case deflection.

  • Increase employee satisfaction.
  • Improve code quality.
  • Nurture knowledge sharing.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Increase support without more support engineers.

“With AnswerHub, developers can easily post questions, route questions to topic experts, and find answers without submitting a support ticket.”  - Michael Stowe, Mulesoft

Developer Engagement

Create a place where external developers can congregate, post questions, find answers, and submit ideas for product enhancements.

  • Reduce traffic-to-trial time.
  • Deepen product adoption.
  • Shorten time to “Hello World.”
  • Increase third-party integrations.
  • Stimulate market demand.

“We wanted our developers on a community solution that allows them to help answer each other’s questions. Plus, we wanted a solution that integrates with other developer tools and, most critically, could scale as we grew.”  - Matthew Pruitt, Unity

Since 1997, the world’s most tech-savvy companies have trusted AnswerHub

Advantages of an AnswerHub Community

Built for developers by developers. AnswerHub's history is rooted in open-source development, so we know the value of working together to solve tough problems. Our advanced feature set addresses devs' need for fast, trustworthy answers.

Enlist super heroes.

Identify experts based on the precision of their answers and the proportion of answers accepted. Then automatically route questions to these gurus.

Crowdsource expert, user-generated content.

Three article types give users the opportunity to dive deep into a topic, share ideas, and get or give quick answers that can be used over and over.

Own the look and feel.

The flexible configuration allows you to fully customize your community with branded badges and custom themes, plugins, and integrations.

Moderate with confidence.

Dynamically organize and control who sees what and ensure the most useful contributions are visible. Automatically approve answers or move questions to a ticket.

Monitor the community pulse.

Quickly identify and act on trends in user behavior, search activity, the time it takes for a satisfactory resolution, trends in product satisfaction, and content performance.

Reward involvement.

Create a steady stream of peer-to-peer knowledge sharing by awarding badges, ranks, reputation scores, and increased privileges for their contributions.

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“Ultimately, there was no other commercially available solution on the market that could compete with AnswerHub.”

- Sylwia Ganiec, SAP Hybris

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