Professional Services

With more than 20 years’ experience building online developer communities, we can help you customize a user experience for increased member engagement and developer relations success.

Pre-Packaged Pro Services

To help you get your developer community up and running faster, we've packaged up the most popular pro services requests.

Custom Theme Package 1

This site branding package includes header and footer implementation, button colors, font, and a custom avatar.

Custom Theme Package 2

Includes all elements of Custom Theme Pack 1 and an email template package, which includes a Welcome Email, Daily Digest, Expert Notifications, and more.

Custom Engineering

Sometimes you need something that's a little out of the ordinary. We'll work with you to make your community stand out on a per project basis or annual tiered offering. Common customization includes:


SSO integrations

New content types

Theme customization

User profile customizations

New badges

Email template customizations

Workflow customizations

“It has been a pleasure working with AnswerHub. Whether productively collaborating to finalize requirements, or reacting promptly to issues, the team is professional through and through.”


Specialized Customer Communities

Nearly 50 custom badges, including Alex Trebeck, Apigeek, and Strunk &White, identify certified experts and increase developer engagement. More than 14,000 developers get answers, ideas, and support from the Apigee Community.

Unity Answers, a 2018 Developers’ Choice Award winner, is a community for developers building on the Unity3D platform. Unity Answers cuts support costs through organic support and moderation. And the community’s branded, unified header helps fold the community in across their ecosystem.

Quali Community’s custom landing page provides seamless navigation to and from the global Quali site. Quali uses a variety of content types, including Q&A, Ideas, and a customized article type for use as code repository. They’ve also done a great job of topic tagging to filter content in the repositories.