AnswerHub’s Top 5 Blog Posts of 2016

As we plan for a 2017 full of great content, we invite you to enjoy 2016's top 5 posts.

As we plan for an exciting 2017 full of great content, we invite you to enjoy 2016’s top five blog posts covering topics such as community engagement, knowledge management, and more.

5. Why Transparency Matters to Your Business. Transparency is much more than a buzzword. The topic of transparency carries significant weight in today’s competitive business environment. Everyone, from executives to employees to customers, is talking about transparency. Why? The answer is simple: transparency builds trust.  Read more.

4. The Cost of a Question – When 2 Minutes Turns into $45k. How many times have you heard, time is money? It’s a phrase many people say but rarely reflect on its true meaning. If time is money, what changes need to be made to the way we do business? How do we use time to save money? Read more.

3. Organic Knowledge Transfer vs. Forced Sharing. “Don’t force it.” One of the best lessons you can learn – in life, love and, of course, in knowledge management. Knowledge management, the practice of aggregating and sharing knowledge across an organization, is one of the most beneficial initiatives a company can take to help optimize their processes, but it is also something that is best accomplished organically. The question is, why does natural knowledge sharing trump forced transfer? And how can you both encourage knowledge sharing without making it mandatory? Read more.

2. When Good Workers Hoard Knowledge. Successful companies encourage employees to openly share their expertise, learn from one another, and work together to achieve their goals; but what do you do when knowledge sharing becomes knowledge hoarding? Read more.

1.  Five Ways to Increase Community Engagement Through Gamification. Strong communities are created with a combination of organic engagement and community management. With knowledge management and sharing systems like AnswerHub, managing a community has never been easier. However, getting users to join and actively participate is often a struggle for new communities. To combat engagement and adoption challenges, communities often turn to gamification. According to Gartner, gamification is defined as “the use of game mechanics and experience design to digitally engage and motivate people to achieve their goals.” Read more.