Best of the 2019 Blogs: The Developer Marketer Edition

We take a look at some of the most popular developer marketing blog posts.

One of the topics we like to write about on the developer marketing blog is to offer practical guidance for dev advocates and dev marketers around writing, social, free demos, and more. Here are a couple of the blog posts that really resonated with dev marketers and dev advocates this past year.

Writing for the Developer

Chris Ward is a frequent contributor who penned this detailed look at writing for the developer audience.  He provides some sage advice for writing content in a way that connects with developers. It might have been published in 2019, but it’s evergreen.

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A Developer Advocate Writes About Successfully Using Social Media

Eric Schabell is another frequent contributor. The Red Hat developer advocate provides excellent advice on engaging with developers on social. Among his tips:  Find your own voice and don’t rely on resharing.

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From Free Trials to Sales

Saying something is free isn’t enough. Our our post provides specific suggestions for designing a free trial that actually gets users to commit to your product. blog image

What Not to Do When Marketing to Developers

Our guest blogger Chris Sanders owns his own consulting firm and provides some great advice on the whole MQL to SQL pipeline discussion. At a time when a lot of marketing functions are outsourced (especially at smaller companies), Sanders argues that one function you should never outsource are nurture campaign efforts.

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It’s not all tips and tricks

When your publishing platform has 29 million unique visitors each year, a database with 285,800 articles and a readership that skews heavily toward developers, architects and IT leaders you might just have a bit of useful data to share with the tech community.

Our most popular blog posts on the developer marketing blog looked at that data.

We examined what was popular on the site from quarter to quarter and DZone editor Lindsay Smith interviewed experts and provided analysis. The data is drawn from content tags assigned by editors, not keywords. The analysis also covers all articles in the database, not just those published in that quarter.

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