Create a Culture of Knowledge Sharing to Work Smarter, Not Harder

What knowledge management means to AnswerHub's Director of Customer Success.

What does knowledge sharing mean to me? It means working smarter!

As the director of customer success at Devada, I work with a team of customer success representatives to educate and support our customers. We strive to create a positive and successful AnswerHub experience. We decided on the term “customer success” for our team because our main responsibility is to ensure customers get the most out of our product through onboarding, training, strategizing, collaborating and problem-solving with our customers. Knowledge sharing through Q&A and article creation is critical to achieving this goal.

In the customer success department, we have a strong passion for serving our customers and knowledge sharing enables us to do just that. Part of advocating and supporting our customers is getting answers to them as quickly and with as much supporting information as possible. At Devada, we pride ourselves on providing timely support to our customers and without a culture of knowledge sharing, that wouldn’t be possible. However, that doesn’t mean that knowledge sharing happened overnight; it required participation and dedication from every member of our organization.

In the past, knowledge sharing was difficult because it meant dedicating time outside of your normal work duties to share “how to” articles and to provide help to other departments you didn’t necessarily work closely with on a regular basis. For our culture of knowledge sharing to work, we had to make an organizational change. We put in place new processes, incentives, and departmental goals to encourage knowledge sharing and identify the different subject matter areas where help was needed.

Once these new practices were put in place and adopted, the customer success team was able to support customers more efficiently and effectively. It really is a beautiful thing when a customer reaches out with a technical question and we can search our internal community to quickly find a step-by-step article to share in a matter of minutes. And, when we receive a new question, we can post it to our internal community and meet internal SLA’s to get answers in a timely fashion and relay that information back to customers.

The culture of knowledge sharing not only makes my job easier, but I love knowing that it creates a more beneficial customer experience. Whether they are reaching out to us directly or posting to our customer portal, they know they can rely on us to get the support they need to succeed with AnswerHub. That is what makes it worth coming to work every day!