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Learn how MuleSoft quadrupled software developer engagement and increased response ratio by 120%.

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Business Results

Quadrupled user activity and increased response ratio by 120%

“While many solutions checked off items on our list, AnswerHub was the only solution that not only met our base requirements but exceeded even our wish list.”

As MuleSoft focused on their developer properties, it became clear their current forum solution was not conducive to technically-focused questions and conversations. MuleSoft’s developer community found the forum difficult to use, with some suggesting the forum be discarded in favor of a more recognizable solution, such as Stack Overflow.

Aware of the challenges faced by their users, MuleSoft hoped to build an online community where developers could easily ask questions, access answers, and receive recognition for contributions. According to Michael Stowe, developer relations manager at MuleSoft, “We required a solution that would empower our developers to engage in technical, code-oriented questions.” Stowe continued, “We decided against using Stack Overflow on the belief that a safe haven for our developers was a critical component to a strong community. Instead, we began the search for a community-based platform that would meet the specific needs of our audience.”

The Business Challenge

To create a successful community, MuleSoft needed a solution that offered:

  • Support for technical and code-oriented questions, answers and content
  • Data migration from the existing forum to the new community
  • Expert identification, tagging, and question routing to find the best answer quickly
  • Full customization to fit with MuleSoft’s current developer site and create a seamless, user-friendly experience
  • Gamification to recognize and reward participation
  • Advanced moderation and role-based permissions for effective community management
  • Powerful analytics to assess community activity and health

The Solution

According to Stowe, the search for a suitable platform took eight months. During that time, the MuleSoft technical team evaluated leading solutions, including GetSatisfaction, UserVoice, Jive, Lithium, Discourse, Zoho, and AnswerHub. They also evaluated the cost to build a solution in-house. Ultimately, AnswerHub was best suited to build, launch, and manage the MuleSoft community.


“While many solutions checked off items on our list, AnswerHub was the only solution that not only met our base requirements but exceeded even our wish list.” Stowe continued, “The ability to finely customize AnswerHub to mesh with not just our site, but other services and add features in as desired made it truly unique.”

Since implementation, MuleSoft has realized the following benefits with AnswerHub:

High-quality contributions — MuleSoft wanted a robust community where users engage in Q&A and regularly contribute expert content. AnswerHub’s built-in gamification rewards active users with badges, reputation points, and expert status. This recognition encourages frequent community participation and has resulted in higher quality answers.

Successful data migration — When evaluating solutions, migration was a top priority. In order to be successful, MuleSoft needed to migrate all the data from the old system to the new. “While migration was the riskiest part of the venture, we have received nothing but positive feedback from our community,” said Stowe. He continued, “This was a huge achievement because, before AnswerHub, the forums had been the area of most frustration for our users.”

Increased engagement — With AnswerHub, MuleSoft has experienced an increase in community engagement, with activity increasing 4x in the last year and a 120% increase in response ratio. MuleSoft closely monitors key metrics including the number of questions asked, answers posted, and the average response time.

Reduced support volumes — Since community launch, MuleSoft has experienced a reduction in customer support tickets. Stowe explained, “Before, our forum could not effectively support technical-focused questions and conversations. With AnswerHub, developers can easily post questions, route questions to topic experts, and find answers without submitting a support ticket. This has enabled our community to become extremely self-sufficient and has created a more powerful user experience.”

Advanced moderation — With AnswerHub, MuleSoft built a community with advanced moderation capabilities. Administrators can limit content access based on role-based permissions. AnswerHub also makes it easy to moderate content directly from the interface.

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