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See how enterprise-level product content management software reduced time spent in customer support.

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Enterprise-level product content management software

Business Results

Reduction in time spent providing customer support

“Ultimately, there was no other commercially available solution on the market that could compete with AnswerHub.”

SAP Hybris hoped to build an online community where users could engage in Q&A and receive recognition for their actions. According to Martin Moser, director of knowledge management, SAP Hybris, “It’s not enough to answer questions. We wanted a community that recognized users for quality contributions and encouraged them to actively participate.”

In addition to user recognition, SAP Hybris wanted to easily moderate the content posted to their community. “We had groups that were using our internal forum quite actively,” said Sylwia Ganiec, knowledge senior consultant at SAP Hybris. “We needed a commercial platform that allowed content managers from different departments to moderate questions and provide a quality user experience.”

The Business Challenge

SAP Hybris was searching for a solution that would enable them to:

  • Build a robust community where users could engage in Q&A and regularly contribute quality content.
  • Reward user contributions and encourage active participation with reputation points.
  • Deliver a valuable user experience through a wider range of functionality.
  • Easily integrate existing business tools.

The Solution

SAP Hybris evaluated solutions similar to Stack Overflow, including AnswerHub and its competitors. The other solutions were quickly eliminated due to a lack of functionality and traction in the space.

Moser said, “Ultimately, there was no other commercially available solution on the market that could compete with AnswerHub. Not only could it compete with Stack Overflow, but it also offered the Q&A and reputation functionalities critical to our community’s success.”

Since implementation, hybris Experts has witnessed the product’s evolution. “Like [Devada], we understand the software business. We know the promise of new features is not always delivered. When we selected AnswerHub, it was only in version 1.0. Throughout our relationship, [Devada] has incorporated our feedback into their product roadmap to deliver new features and levels of quality that meet customer needs.”


SAP Hybris has realized the following benefits with AnswerHub:

Centralized knowledge – With a commercial solution, SAP Hybris is able to easily share knowledge between partners, customers, and employees. After implementation, SAP Hybris began pushing employees to use AnswerHub instead of the previous internal forum. This eliminated communication barriers between internal teams.

Community growth – SAP Hybris closely monitors community growth metrics, including the number of newly registered users and existing user activity. In 2015, 7,300 new members joined the community, with 600 new members accessing AnswerHub each month.

The community has proven beneficial not only for employees but partners and customers. Eighty-three percent of the community is comprised of external users.

Advanced moderation and control – With AnswerHub, SAP Hybris is able to monitor and moderate the content on the site so only quality contributions are visible to the community. SAP Hybris can also segment content into “Spaces” to organize information and enable users to easily find relevant answers.

High engagement – “It is extremely important that our community maintains a high level of engagement. Two important metrics we monitor closely are the number of questions asked and time to answer,” explained Ganiec.

In 2015, 7,400 questions were created and 56% were answered. Average time-to-answer was two days and the community had 1,200 Best Answers – answers that were deemed correct by experts.

Reduced support volume – The support team uses AnswerHub to provide customers with tips and suggestions. SAP Hybris closely monitors average time to answer, as well as the number of created questions versus the number of unanswered questions.

“The feedback we’ve received has been extremely positive,” stated Ganiec. “We have successfully reduced the time it takes to provide customer support – a huge goal we have achieved because of AnswerHub.”

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