Knowledge-Driven Support Advantage #1: Empower Customer Success

Address common pain points with KDS

Knowledge-Driven Support streamlines customer support by combining self-service knowledge bases and online communities to empower customers and take the pressure off of your support team.

Self-service knowledge bases and online communities are not new. Developers have been taking advantage of learning and sharing knowledge through these types of platforms, previously known as Bulletin Boards, for decades. Companies are finally catching on to these benefits. They are learning that, by using self-service portals and online communities, they can turn their customers into support agents to help solve common pain points of their customer support team – scalability, wasted time, and wasted resources.

Here are a few ways that you can empower your customer success by implementing a Knowledge-Driven Support solution.

Case Deflection (Eliminate Wasted Time)

Gain hours back for your support team by proactively helping your customers and documenting your interaction. Offering self-service to your customers can significantly lower the number of support tickets, which frees your time for more important issues.

Think about how many times you have been asked the same question. Now, what if you captured that question and posted it to your self-service database so that the next customer can access this information before their support issue becomes a support ticket? Even if you deflect 1% of customers with that same question over the course of a year, isn’t it worth it?

Common Problems, Solved (Achieve Scalability)

Going along with case deflection, memorialize your knowledge to speed time-to-answer and prevent duplicate questions. Capture all of your articles, documentation, and customer questions to create a living, breathing FAQ that is constantly updated and that you can push customers to.

Make your knowledge base visible so that your customers can continue to resolve their own issues. Doing so will allow your customer support team to help an infinite number of users with a single question – then, multiply that mentality by 100 questions and suddenly your team of 20 customer support agents is providing support for 10,000 customers. Not bad, right?

Connected Community (Tap Into New Resources)

Think of all the untapped knowledge potential in your community. Every time your customer support reps answer a question, they are passing on knowledge to your customers, but are your customers passing that knowledge on? Or more importantly, do they even have a way to pass it on? The first step in doing this is to create a community that will encourage your customers to build relationships, collectively solve problems, share knowledge, and learn.

Your customers can be your greatest asset. In addition to being your source of revenue, they can act as brand ambassadors and even customer support agents if you allow them to. Tap into their knowledge to do more with fewer resources. Don’t let the value of your customer be solely determined by how much they are paying for your product. The advantages of a good customer can extend to providing relief to your support team or even helping your sales team close new deals – if you have the tools to allow this.