Use An Enterprise Community to Improve Employee Engagement

C-level executives must be regular users of, and contributors to, the enterprise knowledge management and social collaboration platform.

Dr. David Griffiths’ “The 2015 Global Knowledge Management Observatory© Report” offers insights into the knowledge management industry and how capturing knowledge can really help organizations.

Dr. Griffiths suggests five actions that could improve satisfaction with enterprise knowledge management within the organization:

  1. Senior management buy-in and sponsorship (31% of respondents)
  2. Have a skilled, professional knowledge manager (22%)
  3. Staff understanding the importance of knowledge management (15%)
  4. Training and development of staff (14%)
  5. Improved culture (6%)

These are similar to the problems organizations go through when introducing and getting employees to use a new CRM system. The solution to the problem is the same. The C-level executives must be regular users of, and contributors to, the enterprise knowledge management and social collaboration platform. Just like with the CRM, if the CEO doesn’t use the knowledge management platform to share his knowledge and expertise, why would anyone else?

C-level executives must model, and reward, the behavior they want from their employees.

Likewise, employee engagement and empowerment starts at the top. According to Gallup, only 13% of employees are engaged. Employees want to know that what they do makes a difference and their knowledge and expertise are valued.

The right knowledge management platform gives employees the opportunity to ask questions and provide smart answers. In addition, gamification ensures that contributors are recognized and subject matter experts are identified.

It is critical to have an engaged and knowledgeable community manager to ensure the community runs smoothly and “best practices” are understood and pursued by all participants.

It’s also incumbent upon the community manager to ensure that everyone knows how to use the platform. As such, the community manager needs to be connected with human resources so the introduction and the use of the knowledge management and social collaboration platform is part of the onboarding process.

The more employees use the community, and get rewarded for their questions and contributions, the greater the understanding of the importance of the community and the more use by everyone in the firm thereby increasing productivity, engagement, and empowerment.

  • Are you using your enterprise knowledge management and social collaboration platform?
  • How about your C-level executives?
  • Do they realize how much knowledge is worth?

Based on our experience, a one percent increase in knowledge worker productivity results in an 833% ROI.

I’m not sure of the ROI of a more engaged workforce. It’s probably more than the ROI of a knowledge management and social collaboration platform. What do you have to lose other than your employees and their knowledge?